Two young ladies from different part of the world, talking about their experience while trying to make a statement about religion and its reality. We don’t want anyone to be offended by our thoughts.

But if there is something to be said, contact us on Twitter.


9 thoughts on “Home

  1. Fun fact: before monotheist fascist thinking, to believe in a god meant to trust him or her. Gods and Goddess did not ask u to believe in their existence, and punish somebody for not believing in one particular divinity was ridiculous. Gods wanted to be trusted, and worshippers were ready to put candles to another deity if the present one did not “behaved”. It was up to their gods to deserve worship


  2. Modern gods are not personal gods. They don’t exist in your mind as nature intended, but in the social mind of the masses. They don’t depend to exist on the personal relationship of a worshipper with his/her higher self, but on the adoration of mass, the flock. So the perfect worshipper is a sheep: obedient, and available for sacrifice. On the contrary, ancient religions were about personal relationships, and gods did not manifested in books but sensually in nature and our friends and the sky at night. Worshippers were expected to show respect for these things and the king or queen, but personal beliefs were your business


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