Why I won’t shut up about Islam

To the Muslims today asking me to stop talking about and critiquing Islam :

I will stop talking about Islam when people are no longer killed, tortured and oppressed in the name of it. When I no longer have to read how innocents, children, are slaughtered accompanied by cries of Allahu Akbar. When gay people are no longer tortured, killed, thrown off roofs, bullied, harasse. Due to the excessive homophobia that exists in your religion.

When science is no longer met with hostility from your religion, when cures and vaccines are no longer waived away with religious dogma and fatwas. When no more people suffer and disease doesn’t spread. When a new discovery ismt perceived to be a personal an attack on your faith. When apostates like me are free from harm, hostility, death threats, isolation and we can be open and a part of society. When you stop condemning innocent people to hellfire.

When I stop hearing of ISIS raping, buying and selling sex slaves,  which is sanctioned in Islam (4:24, 33:50). When I no longer hear of little children forced into marriage with old men. When I no longer hear of children being circumcised and their wails of agony. When I no longer see little girls as young as 3 being forced into hijab and niqab and sexualised from such an early age and taught their feminity is repulsive. I will be quiet when I forget seeing a video of a 12 year old boy bound in chains being beheaded slowly by Muslim men, this is found in 8:12.

When I no longer read accounts of 5 year old girls being mutilated to preserve her future chastity. No longer having to read about how she will get no pleasure from sex , how she will get infections for the rest of her life, most likely die in childbirth. And for those that say it’s unislamic :
* The Shafi’i school considers female circumcision to be wajib (obligatory).
* The Hanbali school considers female circumcision to be makrumah (honorable) and strongly encouraged, to obligatory.
* The Maliki school considers female circumcision to be sunnah (optional) and preferred.
* The Hanafi school considers female circumcision to be sunnah (preferred).

I will shut up about Islam when I forget seeing the bruises and blood on my stepmothers body. I will shut up about Islam when I no longer see wives getting beat (4:34). In public. I will shut up when I no longer hear of women being oppressed, stoned, honour killed. When patriarchal cultures diminish. When I no longer see women forced into niqabs , slaves. When women are no longer viewed as inferior in your religion. When stoning , whipping, amputation and torture in the name of Islam and Allah is no more.

I will shut up about Islam when it no longer poses a threat to humanity and civilisation. When there are no more attacks, no more new terror groups developing after being birthed in a womb of indoctrination and nurtured on hate. When we are no longer branded ‘kuffars, infidels , disbelievers’. When other people of faith can freely practice in Muslim majority countries and communities without being subjected to abuse and harm or jizya. I will shut up about Islam when it stops attempting to implement its claim to supremacy. I will shut up about Islam when the claim for sharia law stops.

I will shut up about Islam when apologists blindly stop defending it and take a real look at Islam. When females aren’t beaten an inch of their lives for showing skin. When they can study and go to school. When boys are no longer circumcised as babies. When child marriage is seen as something disgusting and a abhorrent thing from the past. When girls are stopped being enslaved by make guardians in every aspect. I will shut up about Islam when I no longer see pregnant mothers fasting in Ramadan , without hearing about people hacked to death in Ramadan for being secular.
I will shut up about Islam when crimes stop occurring in the name of Allah. When people admit these have some real justification in Islam, and that it is not a religion of peace in the slightest. When we are stopped being painted as islamophobes. It’s not Islamophobic when the religion wants you dead and to burn in eternal hell. I will shut up about Islam when there is no genetically deformed babies from cousin marriage. I will shut my mouth about Islam when it stops painting non Muslims as demons and forbids friendships from other faiths.

I will shut up about Islam when it no longer calls for antisemitism and when it respects other faiths. When it stops condemning people to eternal hellfire. When it violates numerous human rights and allows sexual slavery (33:50, 4:24). I will be quiet about Islam when there is no longer the option as convert, submit or die. When there are no more acts of terror committed in its name.

I may be a small, lone voice. But I am strong in my convictions and I know many others think the same as me. Islam is not a religion of peace. And I am not a bigot or islamophobe for admitting this. The truth.


81 thoughts on “Why I won’t shut up about Islam

    • Oh I can’t see why they’d possibly come to that conclusion at all.. πŸ™ƒπŸ™‚. Thanks for your encouragement, Terra β€οΈπŸ’™πŸ’š

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    • Thank you πŸ˜…πŸ’š. It was the product of anger… But I will keep speaking my views on Islam no matter what. No idealogy should be exempted from criticism, especially a one that is the primary reason for existing to 1.6 billion people .. That shapes laws and minds.. So Islam WILL be challenged.

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    • Yes it will stop when when you don’t believe in Mohammond anymore he was the last of your warrior race who brought all these things in his teachings to murder, behead ,rape ,force young girls as young as twelve to marry old men probably a lot don’t follow his teaching and are killed while he had a warped way of thinking that everybody is evil except him , just like you so blame your self for all the terror , not all the hatred you are spitting out , so get your facts right on who is the terrorists ,


    • Syed.. Your response is based on your belief system of Allah being the only true god and that you will go to heaven if you do as you are told .. Your evil prophet and book is the reason for centuries of war and killing. It is your stupid belief that if you are not a believer you will go to hell .. Allah is not my god, and if I die I will not go to heaven or hell, nor have to be a martyr of abuse young girls or stone some woman because she loved another … I would not want to live in your world of fear and abuse.. When that stops, then the world will celebrate.

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  1. This is good,
    Perhaps, more people are leaving islam because of the increasing quality of human intellectuality. Every intellectuals knows that islam is a sect. A culture which condemn everything that different with them, but still act hyprocisy if other culture innovate things that are giving them advantage on life.

    By this fact, people around the world need to advocate education. Education that are reachable by poor people, but qualified to emerge the sense of intellectuality. This education will kill islam slowly

    The question would be, can islam change? I am sure it cannot. But people thoughts can.

    Greetings from murtadeens of indonesia.

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    • Greetings from this murtad πŸ˜›πŸ˜…. I totally agree with what you said, a million percent. The more people learn, the more they realise. Best wishes β€οΈπŸ’™

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  2. For those disillusioned liberals out there in the world. Here’s the REALITY of a wicked cult IDEOLOGY that only destroys lives. An IDEOLOGY of hatred for women, for children, and for anyone who doesn’t agree with their nasty and perverse way of life. This IDEOLOGY only understands death, that is, DEATH to anyone who doesn’t support or submit to their evil dominance. ISLAM is a Satanic Cult Ideology which promotes MURDER.

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  3. Well said
    Unfortunately it’s only people like me(ex Muslim) and people that are not blinded and brainwashed by Islam that will understand all this

    It don’t matter how much you try and help someone wraped up in it all they just don’t believe us Untill it will be to late for them!
    My friend converted to Islam a few months ago back when I was still Muslim when I left Islam she just won’t listen me, but then never did I listen to anyone not even my own mother who went through the same thing with a different relgion! I really believed it all! And then thing with Islam is the teachers tell you to not read anything bad about it! So you don’t! It’s that easy to keep them away from the truth and the longer they are kept away from the truth the more easy it is to brainwash them I know all of this because the same thing happened to me over period of three years! What can I say, I was stupid but I such s head strong woman now because I was able to get out of it all and retune my brain back to the way it was, well I’m still not 100% but getting there!

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    • Thank you ❀️. I totally relate. I feel stupid for converting to such a religion in hindsight. Yes, you are headstrong and brave for getting out . I am still not there myself and am recovering from it. Best wishes β€οΈπŸ’š

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  4. Poorly researched. A lot of hyperbole and rhetoric.

    Out of the things you mentioned, numbering around 25, only 5 were actually referenced (referenced correctly is a different matter).

    Maybe you need to calm down a little bit and use rationality and reason instead of anger to make your points because you just come across as a ranter, and well know how ranters are treated. They are ignored.

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  5. Dear Readers, The article is great and every word of it true. Ask yourself all the questions the writer has raised and if you do not get a satisfactory answer, seek your salvation from Islam, a faith that belongs only in ancient history. Feel the exhilaration of freedom of thought, joy of a guilt and shame free life. Throw away the yoke of numerous fake obligations. Your obligation is to truth and justice, yourself, humanity and this universe as we know it. Your only guide through this life the only life we have is reason. Certainty of religious dogmas must be exchanged with tentative truths of science, for they are far better than mirages and dreams tendered by religions. I refuse to suffer and be deluded and you should too.

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  6. Yes, yes, yes! Stit hot article. I’m with you girl. Keep up the thought train, you make a lot of sense.
    Hopefully you’ll not have to write or speak your opinions about this Islam disease becoming a pandemic too far into the future.
    I pray for our salvation from this vile ideology taking so many lives and frightening the whole world!

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  7. Really appreciate and appluad you. I am also an atheist Ex Muslim and all my moral support is with you. People need to speak honestly about many aspects of Islam that are barbaric, medieval, illiberal and hateful. All power to people liek you (Y)

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  8. There are so any parallels between radical right-wing Christianity (my background) and what you write about. The poisonous anger and desire to hurt other people, with “pemission” from God, is the same. God has been created in the image of [angry] man. I applaud your endeavors to point out the truth and break free.

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  9. Excellent rant – I love it! It has taken me many years to realise how dangerous Islam is to freedom of speech, democracy, tolerance of other beliefs and particularly women and girls. Fortunately today, people worldwide are becoming educated and do not have to rely on their Imam for ‘interpretation’ of the actual teachings of Mohammad, a vile role model for anyone.
    I applaud you for your bravery. Only people like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Salman Rushdie, Gert Wilders and others like you know how dangerous it is at present to speak out. Our politicians are too afraid. Even Facebook censors many pages. But we still have blogs like this and YouTube to educate people.
    You Go Girl!

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    • Thank you β€οΈπŸ’šπŸ’™. This was most defineietly a rant . Ayaan hirsi Ali is ❀️❀️❀️. She’s my role model.


  10. Civilized people do not indulge in religious wars. The Arabs are not civilized – they foolishly believe that their misogynist, racist and genocidal war strategy called Islam (‘Submission’) can pass as a religion. That is their problem, not ours. We define ourselves as nations. The Arabs are our enemy – not because of their moral principles, but because of their lack of them.

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  11. This is the most idiotic post I have ever come across. Not just because it’s about Islam. But because it’s spreading hate. So easy a task!


    • Okay. I don’t think this is necessarily spreading hate, I think it’s a rant after being told of the perfection of Islam πŸ™‚ free speech isn’t always hate speech. Some things needed to be said. And btw, this ‘hate’ is well justified to a religion that calls for my death. I don’t like / respect Islam. And you call that hate, I don’t mind.

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  12. This article says it how it is unfortunately these people are brought up with complete differen thinking about life.
    And will not change we need to stand up against this vile behaviour.

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  13. I don’t need your pity, honey. And yes bad people and good people do exist in this world, and the same applies to ideaologies too. Mostly good ideaologies like Buddhism exist, and then we get primarily shit ideaologies like Islam. What’s your issue with the media? That it reports something that you don’t like? Religion is a failure of humanity; a pathetic and laughable attempt at understanding origins. I’ll write what I choose to write, because it’s MY blog. You don’t have to read it.

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  14. Great blog post , I wish for more with your courage of thought and resolve.
    But please don’t hate all religion.
    While those who adhere to the most core Islamic beliefs are barbaric, and the kinder Muslims ignore core Islamic beliefs, the opposite is true for Christianity.
    The religious freedoms we enjoy in the USA were strongly influenced by the Christian doctrine of free will. Unless someone freely chooses to follow Jesus Christ , it means nothing. God wants our hearts above all else.
    God bless you


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