Why we should all support NoHijabDay

Why we should all support NoHijabDay

We should support NoHijabDay for the women in the world that are forced to veil and cover up against their wishes. It’s a show of solidarity for women who are pressured by the state, society, family or friends to wear it against their wishes. It’s a remembrance of those who do not have the option to simply remove it, and they may face consequences if they did.

It’s an acknowledgment of the oppression and daily battle these incredible women face. For some Muslim girls, hijab is comfortable and they opt to wear it. For some, they had no choice in the matter. I have been forced into a hijab, and for me it was claustrophobic and stifling. I didn’t have a choice. I wish my struggle would have been acknowledged, looking back.

I am delighted to see amazing Muslim women supporting this and removing their hijab today. However, I was disgusted with the comments from a minority of fellow Muslims insulting those who chose to do this. NoHijabDay is not insulting or demeaning the hijab, Islam or the women who do choose to wear it. It’s merely acknowledging the fact some women do not choose to wear it. Some women want to feel the wind and the sun, rain and breeze in their hair. Especially in places like Iran, which girls over 9 are mandated to wear hijab at all times in public, and if not, severe consequences can be applied.

We must allow freedom of choice to prevail, and we must help this right be given to everyone. The support of Muslims is even more vital than anyone else. It will build not only a sense of empathy, but tolerance and acceptance. Raising awareness of this plight is imperative. No person should be forced to veil and cover if they do not want to.

My heart goes out to all the women forced to wear hijab. You are not alone. Stay strong ❤️.


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