Why we should ban the burqa

Ban the Burqa. Now

There is no excuse in this day and age, where we are still tolerating a ultimate tool of oppression and forms of the lowest degradation to women. A garment, sanctioned by the religion of ‘peace’ designed to entirely cover the woman and obscure her to a black shroud. In some countries, dark blue. There is no reason why in the twenty first century, these garments are even tolerated in any way, sold, manufactured and procured. Regressive left and PC brigade, trigger warning ahead.

The Burqa and Niqab’s origin is not Islamic. High class women in pre Islamic Arabia used to cover themselves as a symbol of their prestige, whilst lower class girls would remain uncovered. It was nothing more than class distinction. But like the Kaaba, Hajj, jinns ect , all Muhammad did was lazily plagiarise other traditions and nonsensical beliefs from the pre Islamic Arabia and capitalise them as purely Islamic.

Today however, any type of veiling is synonymous with Islam. I want to get one thing clear : a burqa or a niqab is not modesty. It is not modesty to cover your face neither is it natural. It is symbol of oppression, dehumanisation, pain and suffering and nothing more. And to those who protest it’s the woman’s choice to don such a garb I reply 3 things :

1. You cannot often distinguish between every veiled face who is telling the truth, who wears it of their own volition, and who is forced to wear it. Better for it to be banned entirely, so no one is forced to wear it. Prevention is better than cure.
2. When someone is indoctrinated that deeply into Islam, when they believe they have to veil completely to please a God, is it really choice? As in freedom, fully considering, total conscious thought? Or is it a need induced by being intoxicated too deeply with religion? Is wearing the burqa a fully autonomous choice, or merely a need that we are expected to tolerate because it’s connected to religion ,which must have total respect, not matter how foreign, backward or vile it is?
3. How about the truth? We simply don’t want to tolerate it. We don’t want it in our country, on our citizens and in our society. If you don’t like it, go elsewhere to somewhere like Saudi Arabia or Iran, where its mandated by law?
My country still hasn’t banned the burqa or niqab and it really needs too. It needs to stop condoning this everyday display. It’s not acceptable in a modern, advanced, secular, majorly atheist country devoid of sharia. It is simply not. The burqa is probably the vilest thing I’ve ever seen. You’re removing an integral part of yourself, you’re removing your identity, your voice. Why must you cover to this extent? The world is too beautiful for anyone to be staring through black layers or a small slit.

To deny the burqa is a symbol of the following : sexism, misogyny, dehumanisation and oppression is foolish. Where are your male counterparts who are required to dress up this way? Where are their long black cloaks and layers of cloth? I cannot venture out in public naked, as I’d be arrested for public indecency. So why have we decided in some countries, that the opposite is okay? That we should allow the burqa and niqab into our society? We shouldn’t. No doubt this will get deemed as Islamophobia, but I disagree. I don’t have a phobia of burqas, I avidly dislike them with an intense passion.

I dislike the fact that niqabs and burqas evidently pose a security risk, as in the clear fact you do not know who is under there. A criminal could easily pose as a veiled woman and get past security and wreak damage. It poses a clear security risk and I feel this is a reason why it should be banned.

I don’t want to see my country allowing this. No more. It is backward, oppressive, and has no place in this day and age.


2 thoughts on “Why we should ban the burqa

  1. Exactly! I fully agree. ^_^ Some countries in Europe are trying to ban it, especially the burkini which I despise as well. However, unless we have a device that can help us read minds… we’ll never truly know if women wear it as a choice or out of fear of being beaten by their husbands.

    The burqa was designed so that men wouldn’t be tempted into lust and rape a woman. Out of sight, out of mind kind of thing. But the burqa doesn’t prevent rape at all nor does it mean modesty. It’s basically men telling women what they can or cannot wear, because the men can’t control themselves. It’s as simple as that.

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    • I can’t agree more. It links back to another blog post I did the other day, that covering is imperative for women to prevent rape and sexual assaults. They seem to miss the fact they are sexualising the women themselves. There’s no excuse for a burqa. Never

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