Myths of hijab: superiority

The myths of hijab: superiority

The picture above infuriates me so much. Women are not ‘candy’. We are not objects, we are sentient human beings. I want to address one myth about the hijab that seems to be prevalent. That a hijabi is better than a non hijabi, more pious, more valuable, more modest, more pure, more chaste.

Hijab is a piece of cloth you are ordained to wear by Islam. How, in your mind, does that make you any better than a non hijabi? You can glamorise the hijab all you want, ‘it’s my honour, it’s my life’ but let’s reduce it to what it really is. A piece of cloth.

This piece of cloth doesn’t entitle you to any superiority. In my community, there was a definite aspect of slut shaming any girl who didn’t wear hijab. We thought she was less modest, more shameful, and less worthy of us girls who veiled.

With pictures like this, why are other women generalised as less worthy, cheap and dirty than Hijjabis? Why in most cases when you argue for the hijabs superiority, are other women compared to food? Meat, candy, lollipops ect? Why must you unknowingly degrade women this way, including yourselves? Why must you always use this element of people ‘pouncing’ on the food?

If showing your hair is abormal, why did Allah create it? Allah created the female form, just so he could tell you to cover every inch? Showing your hair is completely natural. It’s hiding your face and hair and body that goes against nature. There is nothing more unnatural than to veil. Our evolutionary ancestors certainly didn’t. Contrary to thought, it’s not the girl who displays her hair that is alien, or strange.

By all means, continue to wear the hijab. But never shame women who don’t. This post is addressed to the people who do this. Stop. Your analogy is pathetic, stupid, and disgusting. I am not an unwrapped candy, lollipop or a piece of meat. I am a human woman who opts not to cover. And that doesn’t make me worth any less than those who do.


2 thoughts on “Myths of hijab: superiority

  1. Amen to that! ^_^ Everything you said, I completely agree with. I always take notice to these ads for women in the middle east, comparing them to candy: one image of unwrapped candy with flies and the other wrapped candy with no flies. One magazine ad is of a girl going to the gates of hell, if she doesn’t wear a piece of cloth. Whoever made these ads have a very negative view on women. Period. Yet, I see no ads for any of the men being forced to wear fabric, in fear of being damned in the eternal lake of fire. :[

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