Muslim rape gangs

Muslim Rape Gangs

Every day when I read the news, I see features of men being arrested and charged for being part of rape gangs, raping, grooming and abusing young white girls.

There are two facts no one wants to point out about these men.

1)They are predominantly Pakistani
2. They are predominantly Muslim.

Before lefties accuse me of racism, I am Pakistani myself. The Rotherham case shocked the nation, that such degeneracy could be hidden for so long. Between 1997 and 2013. In 2010, five men of Pakistani heritage were found guilty of a series of sexual offences against girls as young as twelve. The worst thing is that the government covered the abuse up. They didn’t deal with it appropriately, or pursue it. They betrayed the victims, they have their suffering on their hands. It is estimated 1400 innocent children were exploited, raped, assaulted, trafficked, abduction and tortured by Pakistani Muslim Men. The main reason why authorities hesitated to deal with this issue, is for fear of being labelled racist by the PC brigade and regressive left. That is disgusting. More concerned with preserving their reputation, than helping the victims going through hell.

The typical Pakistani culture is fused with tradition and Islam. It is very patriarchal, sexist and full of misogyny. The one I experienced, along with my widespread community, displayed a contempt for Muslim women, even though they could be their wives and daughters. A Muslim woman was always better than a non Muslim or white woman. There was a stigma of white women, that they were loose, immoral, sluts, whores. Yet young Pakistani men used to approach white women with the intention of casual sex, and would discard them quickly afterwards. It happened to my mother. White women were always seen with nothing but bad connotations; they were easy targets.

The way the Muslim Rape gangs treated women reminded me of the way Muhammad and his companions treated non Muslim sex slaves, ‘right hands possess’. They would rape them even when their husbands were still alive, and when they killed their whole tribe. The callous way sings parallels for me. Women who were non Muslim were seen as objects that weren’t human, merely useful for sexual gains, that were most certainly not reciprocal.

My point is Pakistani Culture doesn’t have high regard for women. If you were Pakistani and Muslim, your position would be slightly better, but not much. The worst thing about the Muslim Rape Gangs is how they blatantly ignored the cries of these girls, as young as 12 years old. This is a failure of the U.K,and they should be ashamed. Those girls deserved better.

The way they dealt with it reminded me of the FGM issue, when officials were reluctant to pursue criminal lines of enquiry, despite having clear evidence these girls were being mutilated and tortured. They were afraid they’d be labelled ‘racist’ and infringe on some special unspoken cultural Liberty. Yet again, there have been zero prosecutions for FGM offences in the UK. And the prosecutions for the culprits in the Rotherham case? Too late. 13 years too late after it began. We should be asking and condemning the people in charge who had a moral and legal obligation to protect these girls; why did you not help them sooner? What’s worth more at the end of the day : your reputation or the lives of 1400 girls that were destroyed?


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