Politics, freedom, Religion: Sadaf Ahmadzai

Politics, ExMuslims, Honesty: Sadaf Ahmadzai

This semi interview was born out of the months me and Sadaf have talked for. I reckon her intelligence and honesty was best suited for this.

Q: What is freedom to you?

A: Well, it would depend on the context you mean it in, but generally, to me it means to be autonomous, your own person, pursuing your own dreams and agenda as one pleases, provided it doesn’t infringe on someone else.

Q: Should people be free to pursue freedom even if it results in heavy destructive behaviour like excess drinking, smoking, drugs?

A: Well, it would depend on the context you mean it in, but generally, to me it means to be autonomous, your own person, pursuing your own dreams and agenda as one pleases, provided it doesn’t infringe on someone else.

Q: Would your ideal world be one where everyone was ‘free’ by your definition, and can you imagine any problems that might arise in it?

A: Yeah, I think the world would be a lot better if people were individuals first and everything else second.

As for problems…well, some people have memes and misconceptions in their head which would make that a bit dangerous.
Like…I’m not arguing the state should give up their law keeping duties. That’s dumb, but more people will probably feel more emboldened to commit fraud, proselytise violently etc, maybe that would be a problem.

Q: Feminism…

A: Feminism wouldn’t be needed in my idea world.

Q: Why?

A: Because everyone would be free to do as they pleased. And if anyone attemped to stop them…the state would punish them.

You do you, others will do them, essentially. If a woman wants to work, she can work. If a man wants to be a househusband, he can do that.

Q: We can’t deny the first wave though. Epic.

A: It was. But it was only there because my ideal world wasn’t there. Like…a lot of men saw no reason women shouldn’t be equal like John Stuart Mill and Condorcet.

Q: Have you ever encountered a case of sexism against you?

A: I have. Quite a few times actually. Never really bothered me as it’s usually just words. And words don’t stop you from doing what you want to do.

Q: Lena Dunham.. Pretty famous, pretty radical, pretty obnoxious. Pretty much hoping for a genocide of straight white men.. Am I right?

A: She’s everything I hate. She imposes herself on other people, she’s a liar, she’s an abuser, she’s lazy, she’s a bad role model etc.

Q: Female role models.. Give me a few examples, and why?

A: Hmm…well Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Ayn Rand, a friend of mine called Nazanin Nazarian, Margaret Thatcher (though she’s a flawed hero), Eleanor Roosevelt, and Nancy Reagan. Ayaan I admire because her entire life has been one of struggle, introspection and uncommon bravery. She’s absolutely dauntless and inspires me to keep up the criticism of Islam as an ideology. Ayn Rand, as she saw the ideal society much like I do, and wrote several books on it. Which I encourage people to read. Though I doubt many will like them like I do. Nazanin Nazarian as she’s proof in a free society, anything is possible. She fled Iran in 1979, and since then, has became a highly successful medical professional, started her own family, served her country in war, is a regular charity worker and is overall just an amazing person. Margaret Thatcher as she came from humble origins in the UK, and through her own hard work, achieved the highest office bar one possible in the UK. Add to that her passionate belief in the same values I hold (which along with Ronald Reagan won freedom the Cold war) places her in high esteem. Though she’s flawed as she betrayed her own values several times at home. Eleanor Roosevelt because while her husband led the US through the second world war, she at home committed herself to helping the needy, off of her own back, and after the war ended, was the principal architect of the UNDHR. Even if the UN today’s kinda sucky. Nancy Reagan because she kept the man who won the third world war for us all in good spirits, and like Eleanor did her utmost for people who needed it. They’re like examples women can be good wives and agents of change in their own right.

Q: Tell me how you feel about religion

A: This is a tough question, as my every instinct makes me extremely anti-clerical and hostile to religion, but, my head cools me down and tells me as long as the holder of a religious faith holds more or less the same values as us, they can be extremely good, productive and wonderful people. Number one example, being the ‘chosen’ people, the Jews. Since they of their own accord changed Judaism, their name alone is synonymous with success, excellence and perseverence.

Religion can be a good thing, but not in the form our ancestors imagined it, if that makes sense?

Like, I mean to say it can be a positive force to animate people?

Q: When you consider its influence in art, literature, music, yeah I guess

A: Exactly! Like…it’s near enough impossible to appreciate English literature without an understanding of the Bible. And Islam, even if it’s in spite of itself, has inspired some great works of art too.

Q: Communism, capitalism and socialism. Shoot your opinions.

A: In my opinion, communism’s a bankrupt ideology that goes against human nature, capitalism uses humanity’s flaws for a good end, and socialism is a frequently misunderstood word by people.

Q: What do you think of anti Muslim bigotry?

A: Anti-Muslim bigotry definitely exists. Though, I’d also argue it doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Cause and effect. Given Islamisation, you can see people losing their temper and responding in kind. Like a father whose daughter was abused at Rotherham will want blood.

Q: What do you think of Ex Muslims?

A: Ex-Muslims are my brothers and sisters. Wherever they are, I love you, I love you were brave enough to be honest with yourself and I love that so many of us exist, and more join us every day.

Q: Last one.. Am I iconic ?

A: No bitch, you ain’t

Q: Fam..

A: Joking. Serena has a style not many people on here do. She’s much cooler than her former mentor.

That’s my girl 😘


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