Women under sharia law – testimonies, part 1

Women under Islamic law – testimonies. Part 1

Sharia is not a haven. This is the reality. In Islamic countries, the blood that gushes forth from amputations for stealing, beheading for leaving the faith, and the oppression of women is far too common.

The girl who featured in my interview about Saudi guardianship law says ‘Well, Sharia law is an insult to human life, simply abominable.
Obey without questioning, just like a dog, I’m going to sound like a broken record but, It’s oppressive.
A woman under “proper” Sharia law doesn’t own her self, she cannot refuse sex from her husband and cannot disobey him.
You can’t leave the house nor travel without a Mahram (your male guardian, i.e. Father, Brother, Son..etc)
You’re a slave, nothing more.
Many women lack self respect or are brainwashed into defending it, i mean how can you defend something that says you’re as filthy as faeces? How do you accept being told that you’re lesser than a man in intelligence just because you’re a woman? That is beyond me, and do not even get me started on FGM which is one the most vile act you can do to a human and is practiced under many countries that enforce Sharia.
What irks me the most is when feminists who supposedly preach for equality for all defend it and say malarkey like “Muhammad was the first feminist” blaming context and cultural differences for the injustice that we are facing, and dare saying that the west is oppressive and patriarchal.
We are imprisoned for the simple crime of being a female under Sharia, and to exacerbate the situation even more, it is being defended’.

I heard her voice last night for the first time. I heard a child. A child who the state see it is acceptable to publicly execute for her imagined treason of leaving a religion she was born into, and had no choice but to follow. I heard a child who I know has been forced to wear a niqab since the age of 13. Who has seen terror and blood. And this is accepted as the norm.

Why is Saudi, a country that adopts sharia law to the extreme, even on the UN council? Why? Do not glorify a country that harbours mute pains of cries, sheds blood, delivers injustice and evil.

The Saudi girl, who we’ll call Amina, says sharia happens on a daily basis, as it is their whole law. She said that the whole of society has become so used to it, no one realises or questions how barbaric it is. Why?

She is suffering. They are suffering. She has witnessed things most adults will have never. It’s a miracle she’s turned out the way she is, a beautiful, kind, caring, reliable young woman. I am so intensely proud of her. Despite the things she’s experienced and lived through, she continues to be a ray of utter sunshine. She doesn’t just make me happy, she makes others light up. If you’re reading this, habiti :p, I love you.


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